For applications in the chemical industry Gardner Denver has a wide range of machines and equipments to support your process or application.

Dry Bulk Materials

Optimise discharges and unloads from dry bulk materials in silos, silo trucks and bulkcontainers with compressors, blowers and rotary valve systems.

Solimar silo fluidizer systems provides aeration and vibration for fast, efficient unloading of dry bulk materials in storage silos, dust collectors, weigh bins and silo trailers.


Powders, Granulates, e.g. Alumina Hydrate, Anthracite Coal, Barite, Bentonite, Boric Acid, Calcium Carbonate, Carbon Black, Cement, Coal Dust, Fly Ash, Fulmed Silica, Iron Oxide, Lime, limestone, Phosphate, Plastics, Titanium Dioxide


Optimise discharge and unloads from thin liquids in road trailers with compressors

Gardner Denver Drum provides a range of cargo pumps for discharging a wide range of liquids from road tankers. Pumps are easy to maintain and excellent for delivering a wide range of liquid types and viscosities.

With Emco Wheaton loading arms and TODO Dry Break couplers we provide you the safest and durable solution to load and unload road tankers, tank containers and railcars.

Handling from low to high viscosity pumped media, SSP stationary rotary lobe pumps with their characteristic smooth, low shear pumping action are ideal for delicate, hazardous and non-hazardous media. Series S, X and D pumps can be ATEX Certified where generally classified for use in potentially explosive atmospheres.


Resins, Polyols, Solvents, Acetates, Acids, Peroxides, Ink, Sulphur, Bitumen


Processing, Storage, Transfer, Tanker Loading, Unloading, Distribution, Blending