Cast Iron Gear Pump
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Cast Iron Gear Pump - C994

Tailored specifically for wear resistance and long life in coolant filtration service. Designed to handle a wide range of water-based and synthetic machine tool coolants at moderate temperatures to 180° F and pressures up to 100 psi and at shaft speeds to 1750 RPM. Shafts are hardened steel and gears are 416 stainless steel. Rugged ductile iron housings incorporate body/gear lubrication grooves and utilize high grade carbon-graphite bearings. The shaft seal is a bellow style mechanical seal with fluoroelastomer elastomer bellows and O-ring and with carbon and ceramic wear faces. As with all external gear rotary pumps which operate based upon close running clearances, the presence of solid particles and abrasives can lead to premature wear and damage. Use suction screens or start-up strainers when necessary.