Customized for OEM applications – 
even under harshest conditions

When we first designed our Tamrotor products, we set ourselves the task of providing a highly-durable product offer alongside efficient operation and ease of maintenance.

Our experience gained in harsh rock drilling applications taught us the importance of product reliability and longevity, and naturally this has benefited all customers who use Tamrotor products in their applications. Today, we are proud to say that all our OEM products are suitable for continuous 24/7 running.

In addition to air ends, Tamrotor also provides a wide variety of OEM kits. These include receiver tanks, intake valves, filter assemblies and other compressed air system-related components.

OEM applications

Typical OEM applications where Tamrotor products are used


  • Rock drilling, construction and tunnelling equipment
  • Industrial and portable air compressors
  • Firefighting equipment: CAFS
  • Train and locomotive air applications
  • Various vehicle and mobile applications
  • Oil drilling recovery of natural gas
  • Bio-gas applications
  • Offshore
  • Fish farming