40K Rotary Control Gun
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The Vulcan Stripper

UHP Air-Activated Dual Trigger Rotary Control Gun

The “flagship” for the Gardner Denver Water Jetting Systems line of UHP Surface Preparation Tools, the Vulcan Stripper has seen many years of dependable, continuous service in a wide range of industrial settings and circumstances. The Vulcan Stripper delivered the power to clean the most difficult surfaces down to white metal quickly and cost effectively using a minimum amount of water.

The Vulcan stripper has been replaced with the Cyclone a more powerful (50K), versatile gear driven, rotary gun that is safer for the operator and is more rugged.

That does not mean we don’t supply spare parts for our “flagship” rotary gun the Vulcan Stripper. We provide swivels, seals, shrouds, and other parts for this classic rotary tool. Vulcan Stripper has been good to the waterjetting industry over the years so it’s our duty to support it during its retirement. We want to support the customers that have been loyal to the Vulcan Stripper by continuing to provide aftermarket items for the gun.

Please contact one of our Gardner Denver representatives to get the aftermarket items to keep this classic tool working in your fleet.



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