Runtech Systems extends its proven turbo blower product range

To better match industry needs, Runtech Systems extends its well-proven turbo blower product portfolio with new models. These new models, RunEco EP400 and EP500 Turbo Blowers feature an ABB motor and are best suited for small and medium-sized paper machines. 

“With this range extension, we aim to serve our customer better. Too large vacuum system is not optimal in terms of cost efficiency. Vacuum systems are already often over-sized. Especially single-width tissue machines will benefit from these new sizes,” says Jussi Lahtinen, Sales Director, EMEA and Americas, Runtech Systems.

RunEco EP400 series Turbos are single-stage blowers designed for small and medium sized paper machines. EP500 series Turbos are two-stage blowers optimal for places where higher vacuum levels are required or for the paper mills which are located in higher elevation. Both are suitable for greenfield and retrofit installations. Compact construction makes the installation fast and easy, and is optimal for rebuilds. The closed 3D impeller design gives top efficiency together with good controllability.

RunEco EP Turbo Blowers are the first variable speed and variable capacity turbo blowers available. With nearly 800 units sold, they offer a proven, energy-efficient, completely water-free vacuum solution with significant heat recovery potential for paper, board and tissue machines. 

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