Hamburger Hungary PM3 rebuild

Hamburger Hungary PM3 rebuild fulfills all expectations. Runtech Group rebuilt the machine 2016 and after that machine top speed has increased from 950 to 1100 m/min. Reduction in sheet breaks has been 50% and press to dryer draw reduced from 2,5% to 1,8%.

blueprint of hamburger factory upgrade

Delivery included EV EasyOne eco high release web stabilizers and EVpv pocket ventilators for pre-dryer section and post dryer tail threading modification.

hamburger hungary2PM3 vacuum system was also fully rebuilt with Ecopump Turbos. Turbo exhaust air was connected to new EV Group’s dryer hood heat recovery system. Vacuum system power consumption reduced significantly. Specific energy consumption SEC with liquid ring pumps was 65 kWh/ton and now it’s world record class 20 kWh/t.

Annual saving is 8 GWh or 600 000 EUR only in electricity.

hamburger hungary hamburger-hungary2