First Runtech Turbo Blower in operation in Australia at Queensland Tissue Products

The very first Runtech RunEco Turbo Blower in Australia has been started up smoothly and with a low energy consumption at Queensland Tissue Products in Brisbane in December.

Delivery included an EP550-50-D1 Turbo Blower and an EcoDrop Water Separator. Ecoflow Measurement optimizes the dewatering and vacuum levels in the forming and press sections and allow the full optimization benefit of EP Turbo Blower.

turbo blower to alas doradas tissue making line APAC_EMEA-story-2_Runtech-EP-Turbo-Blower-at-Queensland-Tissue-Products

With today’s growing environmental awareness and increasing cost of energy, paper mills require a reliable method of energy saving to remain competitive. Runtech’s RunEco vacuum systems are developed to meet these demanding requirements.

Towards smaller carbon footprint

Queensland Tissue Products is an Australian owned and operated company specializing in the manufacture of quality recycled paper products including toilet tissue, facial tissues, serviettes, kitchen and hand towels. Their advanced paper recycling plant in Brisbane, has the capacity to produce 20,000 tonnes of hygienic, soft recycled tissue from high quality waste paper every year.

QTP has a strong focus on environment in all operations, and with this vacuum system rebuild the mill is expecting significant savings in both energy and water. As the increasingly strict energy and environmental regulations call for the reduction of CO2 and more efficient use of energy and raw materials, QTP has again taken one more step towards minimizing the environmental impact of their products.

turbo blower to alas doradas tissue making line RuntechRunEcovacuumsystemstartedupatQueenslandTissueProductsinBrisbaneAustralia

About RunEco solution

Runtech turbo blowers are designed to operate efficiently across a wide range of vacuum levels and air flows. It allows paper mills to optimize vacuum levels whilst taking advantage of the higher efficiency a blower has over a traditional liquid ring pump device. High speed motors, driven by frequency converters, allow a typical RunEco blower to provide paper machine vacuum levels between 30 and 70 kPa. A wider range of impeller designs allows highly efficient levels across the operating range. This means that the amount and the usage of throttling valves can be reduced to a minimum. The result is energy savings of 30 to 70% when compared with traditional vacuum systems.

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