“Dry Vacuum Systems for Pharmaceutical Ingredient Manufacturing” Hosted by Dr. Don Collins and Paul Tilton of Nash

You’re invited to our FREE and INTERACTIVE webinar hosted by Dr. Don Collins and Paul Tilton of Nash to learn more about dry vacuum pumps for pharmaceutical ingredient manufacturing and how process needs are accomplished with a safe, reliable, and cost-effective solution. Take advantage of this opportunity and ask our experts your questions during the live Q&A session or submit them in advance to [email protected]. Register now – we look forward to “seeing” you there!

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Meet your Hosts

Dr. Don Collins Senior Chemical Engineer

Dr. Don Collins

Dr. Don Collins is the Senior Chemical Engineer responsible for NASH’s Chemical & Pharmaceutical Dry Pump Applications Engineering and identifying value-added vacuum solutions to help expand the company’s chemical dry pump business globally. Dr. Collins, a chemical engineer for over 35 years, has over 25 years of specialized experience designing successful dry vacuum systems installed around the globe on many types of applications.

Paul Tilton

Paul Tilton is the Director of the NASH Chemical Business, where he has worked for the past 6 years. Before joining Nash, Paul worked in various positions for a leading industrial OEM.

Paul Tilton Director of NASH Chemical Business

Our webinar will discuss key applications of dry vacuum pumps in pharmaceutical manufacturing, the advantages and disadvantages of wet vs. dry vacuum pumps, as well as installation recommendations and best practices. Our experts will answer your questions live during our interactive Q&A session.

Have a question for our experts now? Don’t wait until the webinar, submit them in advance to [email protected], and our experts will answer your questions LIVE. 

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Free and Interactive Webinar from Nash