Hoffman & Lamson has the product knowledge and industry expertise to design and manufacture air blower technologies required to handle demanding applications. 

Our product line consists of multistage centrifugal blowers/exhausters, high-speed turbo blowers, industrial central vacuum systems, control systems, and other system accessories. Our solutions are tailored to your specific process requirements. Click the products below to learn more. 

Hoffman & Lamson provides over a century of quality innovation and experience to our customers. Our products have proven to be durable, reliable, and efficient while optimizing productivity and minimizing energy costs for your operations. Lean on Hoffman & Lamson for the performance you expect and your operation demands. 

Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

Our multistage centrifugal blowers/exhausters are recognized around the world. We provide solutions for processes requiring uniform pressure or flow and oil-free operation. These processes are commonly found in air and gas, industrial processing, wastewater treatment, and other applications.


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50 Hz Hoffman & Lamson Multistage Centrifugal Blower
High Speed Turbo Blower 10-50HP

High-Speed Turbo Blower

HOFFMAN's REVOLUTIONPlus for industrial applications combines an advanced blower management system with a significantly smaller physical footprint than traditional blowers to set a new standard for blower design, performance, and efficiency.

Our high-speed turbo blowers use innovation and advanced technology delivering energy savings of up to 40%. Our turbo blowers provide increased reliability with low maintenance requirements and are factory prewired and tested in an ergonomically designed sound enclosure for plug-and-play operation.


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Serving A Wide Range Of Applications

In the industrial market, our blowers provide air or gas to serve a variety of applications. General industrial applications include air knives, carbon black, coal bed methane recovery, ethanol production, fiberglass manufacturing, forced air oxidation in wet flue gas desulfurization, froth flotation, landfill gas extraction, and many others.

Our dedication to design and quality assures you are selecting the best solution for your general industrial application needs. Select the application cards below to learn more.

True To Our Heritage

Hoffman & Lamson is recognized around the world as a leading global provider of blower & exhauster solutions for general industrial applications. 

For over a century, our customers trust the quality performance that our industrial air or gas blowers provide.  Our priority continues to be unparalleled responsiveness to meeting our customer’s needs. Our unwavering commitment to engineering innovative product designs and quality manufacturing is evident with over 100,000 installations worldwide.

Trusted Experts

Hoffman & Lamson has a strong reputation as a global leader of engineered solutions and producing premier quality products efficiently and economically. Trust Hoffman & Lamson for the quality, reliability, and performance you expect and your operation demands.

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