Hoffman & Lamson Introduces NEW High-Speed Turbo Blower for Industrial and Municipal Wastewater Treatment

Hoffman & Lamson reveals its new high-speed turbo blower for industrial and municipal wastewater treatment. The high-speed turbo blower delivers up to 40% energy savings and increased reliability with low maintenance requirements and comes factory pre-wired and tested in an ergonomically designed sound enclosure for plug-and-play operation.

With several designs ranging from 10 to 700 horsepower, Hoffman has a blower to fit your process needs and serve a wide range of applications.

The HOFFMAN REVOLUTIONPLUS sets the standard for new blower design, performance, and efficiency by combing an advanced blower management system with a significantly smaller physical footprint.

Seventy percent of aeration equipment lifecycle operating costs are dedicated to energy efficiency; thus, making our top priority to help our customers reduce their carbon footprint and energy consumption while improving operational efficiency.

Furthermore, the high-speed turbo blower consists of several structures and components for optimization. HOFFMAN high-speed turbo blowers have a compression unit equipped with a blow-off valve that releases air to protect the compression unit during start and stop, an inverter that controls the rotating speed of a high-speed motor through the change of frequencies, a PLC control unit that allows a user to actively operate the product depending on the field conditions and an enclosure that fixes all parts and prevents internal noise to the outside.

For over 150 years, Hoffman & Lamson have been a global leader of engineered solutions and uphold a strong reputation for producing premier quality products efficiently and economically. 

For additional information on the new high-speed turbo blower, visit our product page or download the brochure.  

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