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Military High Pressure Air Compressors

Reliable Under Pressure

Testament to the reliability of our military air compressors is the fact that we have maintained relationships with some of our naval partners for more than 100 years.

Our focus on continuous development means the reliability of those first machines is built in to today’s leading-edge models. Our 5437N, for example, has its roots in the original VHP36, and although there have been several upgrades to meet the demands of today’s leading navies, the underpinning reliability remains.

Minimum Downtime

Reavell’s dedicated engineering team ensure that our military high pressure compressor designs have the ideal balance of a compact footprint, whilst ensuring that critical components are easily accessible. This guarantees that downtime during servicing and maintenance is kept to a minimum, as illustrated in the graph on the right. 

1,500 Hour Service Intervals

Our military high pressure air compressors come with market leading service intervals of up to 1,500 hours. We provide preventative maintenance kits that are specifically designed to minimise costs, that cover everything from minor air end servicing down to running gear overhauls. Not only will your high pressure compressor run longer between services, but it will also be running long after competitor machines have had to be replaced.