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Military High Pressure Air Compressors

Versatile Under Pressure

In harsh environments, every detail matters. We pride ourselves on understanding the complex solutions military high pressure air compressors require, and build bespoke machines, tailored direct to your specific requirements. We ensure a full range of ancillary options for our defence partners around the world, from conditional monitoring to acoustic enclosures.

Conditional Monitoring

Where reliability is absolutely critical we can complement our comprehensive preventative maintenance kits with condition monitoring systems designed to your requirements. We have extensive experience in active temperature, vibration and noise level monitoring.


Most applications come with air treatment requirements. At Reavell our extensive experience ranges from basic particulate filtration to carbon filtration and dew point control – so whatever your application needs, you can be sure we have the expertise to help.


Not only do we manufacture market leading high pressure air compressors, our systems engineering team are experts in integrating specialist machinery into a compact space, whilst ensuring minimum impact on surrounding equipment and allowing room for effective maintenance.

Acoustic Enclosures

Whether it’s noise dampening or weatherproofing, our bespoke acoustic enclosures are designed to meet your military air compressor demands.

Complete Air Solutions

For the last 100+ years, Reavell has maintained close relationships with defence organisations worldwide. As part of the Gardner Denver Group, we now share this expertise with other Gardner Denver brands that have similar experience in the defence industry. As part of the Gardner Denver Group, Reavell is in a unique position to offer total package solutions, incorporating high pressure military air compressors, low pressure & vacuum pumps into one complete air solution.