Vacuum unit for drying power transformer

In the transformer production, high vacuum and oil lubricated vacuum pumps are historically very common. Recently the market is changing, paying attention at life cycle costs and looking for energy efficient solutions. For this reason Gieffe Systems engineers replaced a complete system, consisting of an oil lubricated vacuum pump and PD blowers, with a double stage vacuum system, equipped with a dry screw vacuum pump and PD blower in series. It was a great success in this Italian company, which is benefiting outstanding energy performance in the drying transformer process (0,001 mbar(a) ultimate absolute pressure - 970 m³/h max. capacity).

Benefits at a glance:

  • Oil free technology, as a consequence very limited pollution
  • Environmental friendly without any oil contamination and water need
  • Energy saving
  • Maintenance costs reduction

Vacuum unit for drying power transformer