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Gardner Denver Rotary Lobe Blower

Rotary lobe blowers are essential in various industries for their precise low-pressure air or gas generation. They ensure consistent airflow regardless of pressure changes, making them ideal for applications in industries like Chemical, Pneumatic Conveying, Industrial Wastewater Treatment, Dairy, Cement, Oil & Gas, Pulp & Paper, and much more.

Their energy efficiency and durability further distinguish them, offering long-term cost savings and reliable performance in demanding environments.

When it comes to rotary lobe industrial blowers, choosing the right technology can make a big difference in efficiency and cost-effectiveness. Rotary lobe blowers can be equipped as a complete package tailored to meet specific industrial needs and provide significant advantages, making them a great choice for many businesses.

Some key advantages of rotary lobe blowers include:

  • Optimal performance with continuous operation, along with consistent quality and reliability
  • Built to last in tough conditions
  • Low noise and vibration levels
  • Energy efficient 

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Straight Bi-Lobe Technology

The Straight Bi-Lobe products demonstrate exceptional versatility and durability, making them well-suited for a broad industrial application. This series provides high quality and reliability, while also offering ease of maintenance.

Sutorbilt Legend

2–8" Gear Sizes

  • Available dual splash lube
  • Optional Q-cylinder for quiet operation
  • Universal flex-mount design provides maximum installation versatility
  • Low up front cost Thousands of units in operation

Sutorbilt 4500, 4800 Series 

6-8" Gear Sizes

  • Rated for continuous duty
  • Permits higher speeds and performance ratings
  • Advanced case design with increased vent areas
  • Heavy duty construction provides longer life

Sutorbilt 8000 Series 

10-22" Gear Sizes

  • Large Air Solutions
  • Force feed lubrication available 
  • Optional Q-cylinder for quiet operation
  • One-piece steel shafts with dynamically balanced rotors
  • Wet vac option



Straight Tri-Lobe Technology

The Straight Tri-Lobe uses straight rotors to ensure tow noise while maintaining high quality. These products seamlessly integrate into diverse applications, optimizing productivity and efficiency for businesses spanning multiple industries.

RBS Series

Solid Tri-Lobe rotors offer quiet, efficient operation Robust design for reliability Flexible mounting options for easy drop in replacement Dual splash lubrication 100,000 hour bearing life Increased efficiencies

  • Stainless Steel Options
  • High Vacuum Options
  • Force Feed Lubrication
  • Pre-Package Availability
  • Special Seal Options


Twisted Tri Lobe Technology

The Twisted Tri-Lobe blower heliflow technology is carefully designed to reduce pulsation and noise, guaranteeing a quieter and more efficient operation compared to straight-lobe alternatives. With extended bearing life and increased shaft diameters, our blowers offer robust performance, resulting in cost savings while upholding whisper-quiet operation.

  • Significant noise reduction over straight lobe technologies
  • Lowest pressure pulses in rotary lobe blower market
  • Quiet, shock-free compression
  • Reduced Pulsations = Quieter Operation
  • Protect your employees hearing and improve safety
  • Increased efficiencies.


Our rotary lobe blowers facilitate efficient production across a diverse range of industrial applications like:

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