RGD Series Refrigerated Air Dryer for Air Compressors
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RGD Series

Non-Cycling Refrigerated Dryer

The RGD series refrigerated air dryers offer the perfect balance between technology and simplicity to dry compressed air systems to a stable SO 8573-1 Air Quality, Class 4 to 5 pressure dew point.


Design Features

RGD 25-50 SCFM

  • Smooth bore, copper tube-on-tube heat exchangers
  • Centrifugal separator efficiently captures condensate
  • Static condenser design provides trouble free, quiet operation
  • Electronic drain valve

RGD 75-500 SCFM

  • Stainless steel, cross flow heat exchangers optimize heat transfer and service life
  • Compact design saves floor space
  • Stainless steel inlet/outlet connections to prevent corrosion
  • Timed electric condensate drain
  • Integral demister/separator



Value at its best

Efficient Condensate Management

Increased calming zone and integral demister/separator captures liquid condensate and solid particles

  • Effectively removes condensate from 0-100% flow conditions without moisture carry-over

Furnished with condensate drain

  • Electronic or timed electric (dependent on scfm range)