Montenegro (EN)

Vege PM1. A RunPress project started up in Turkey


The project scope included one EP500-700-D10 Turbo, Ecoflow systems for the press section and new doctoring for the combi press and 3rd press rolls.

The PM1 vacuum system was fully rebuilt with all 7 vacuum pumps stopped and replaced by one EP500-700-D10 Turbo. The machine is now operating without a couch roll vacuum. Yet thanks to the improved doctoring, specific steam consumption has come down from 1.66 t/t to 1.5 t/t. At the same time, there are fewer sheet breaks.

The vacuum system power consumption is now 330 kW, representing a project energy saving of 600 kW. And for this size of machine, the SEC is of world-record class at 30 kWh/ton! Water savings is also very significant: 60,000 m3/year less water goes to into the wastewater treatment plant. Total project ROI is expected to be less than 2 years.