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Two board mills in China started up rebuilt vacuum systems

Rebuilds with EP Turbo Blowers resulted in significant energy savings.

A Chinese board mill produces kraft paper based 100% on recycled fiber. To cut down energy costs, the mill turned to Runtech for a solution. After vacuum system studies, this confidential customer was convinced that rebuilding their PM1 and PM2 vacuum systems with RunEco EP Turbo Blowers will bring notable energy savings. 

Turbo Blowers of the EP series are variable speed and variable capacity turbo blowers that offer a completely water-free vacuum solution that is ideal for industrial paper machine vacuum applications.

Before the rebuild on PM1, 8 water ring pumps supplied all paper machine vacuum points, vacuum system operating power being 2,226KW. During the rebuild, the pumps were replaced by 5 EP Turbo Blowers. With the turbos, energy saving rate is over 37% and no sealing water is needed.

Also on PM2 8 water ring pumps were replaced by 5 EP Turbo Blowers. On PM2, energy savings reach 42%.

Delivery included also EcoDrop water separators and Ecoflow dewatering measurements. To save energy, it is essential to use the optimal vacuum level in the forming and press sections. EcoFlow is the only reliable and accurate online dewatering measurement system for water that contains lot of air. When the water flow is measured accurately, vacuum can be optimally adjusted and high energy efficiency reached.


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