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Runtech has developed a new bearing unit to its EP Turbo Blowers

Runtech Systems has developed a new hybrid spindle bearing unit to RunEco EP Turbo Blowers. This redesigned bearing for existing turbo models has higher tolerance for abnormal running conditions. The new bearing can handle more load and the prestressing is done more precisely than in traditional ones with wave springs. 

“When properly maintained, the operational efficiency of the vacuum system is kept at an optimum level. Our new bearing unit provides high tolerance for abnormal running conditions, can handle more load and tolerates heat better minimizing premature bearing damage,” says Mikko Virtanen, Manager, Aftermarket, Runtech Systems.

The new bearing unit is also included in an extended maintenance package Runtech offers. The package contains all the key parts and checks needed to keep the RunEco EP Turbo Blowers in perfect operating condition.

About EP Turbo Blowers

RunEco EP Turbo Blowers are variable speed and variable capacity turbo blowers. EP Turbo Blowers are designed to operate efficiently across a wide range of vacuum levels and air flows. It allows paper mills to optimize vacuum levels whilst taking advantage of the high efficiency a blower has. High speed motors, driven by frequency converters, allow a typical EP Turbo Blower to provide paper machine vacuum levels between 30 and 70 kPa. A wide range of impeller designs allows highly efficient levels across the operating range. With nearly 800 units sold, they offer a proven, energy-efficient, completely water-free vacuum solution with significant heat recovery potential for paper, board and tissue machines.

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New hybrid spindle bearing unit to Runtech EP Turbo Blowers