Robuschi wins the 2017 Motion Control Industry Award for Energy Efficiency

Vacuum and pressure manufacturer, Gardner Denver has won the prestigious Environmental and Energy Efficiency award for its ROBOX energy screw compressor, at this year's Motion Control Industry Awards 2017.

Now in its second year, the Awards, which were held on the 9th May at the NEC in Birmingham, are designed to celebrate outstanding achievement and product innovation within the motion control industry.

The Robuschi triple-impact ROBOX compressor, which is ideal for the energy-intensive wastewater treatment sector, offers energy savings of up to 30 per cent. This factor particularly impressed the judges, as the award is giving in recognition of a product, system or service which has made a significant contribution to environmental issues, such as energy savings, emissions control, noise reduction or life cycle costs.

Wastewater treatment plants are high-energy users. In the UK alone more than three per cent of the nation's gross national product is spent on purifying public and industrial wastewater. Vacuum pumps, blowers and compressors are essential for many processes in these plants and any reduction in their energy consumption can have a significant impact on overall operating costs.

Robox Screw Energy Award

The acclaimed ROBOX energy screw compressor is already well proven in many such applications, offering energy savings of up to 30 per cent. Combining a series of technology advances, such as the permanent magnet motor, which helps to reduce costs, with the intelligent management of system components, the Robuschi design team has brought a product to market capable of lowering a site's cost of ownership while reducing carbon emissions significantly.

Robuschi's smart process control tool with HMI interface optimises airflow and is essential in achieving the energy savings so important in reducing life cycle costs. The new machine has a smaller footprint than comparable equipment and can installed easily in existing compressor rooms, helping to avoid additional capital expenditure.

The team accepted this award as an important milestone in the company's history and its efforts to promote green technologies. Gareth Topping, Vacuum and Blowers Sales Manager at Gardner Denver Redditch, explained:

"At Gardner Denver we are continually developing new technologies and the ROBOX energy screw compressor is one of our latest successes. We are therefore delighted that the product has been awarded for its environmental and energy-saving credentials. Moreover, we are proud that this award demonstrates our commitment to working with our customers to implement the best energy-saving solutions that deliver low life cycle costs for their application."

Robuschi Team

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