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VP-Series Reciprocating Compressor

Electric Driven Air Compressor 3.7-5.5 kW (5-7.5 HP)

The Value Plus Line of reciprocating compressors was engineered for industrial applications that require a gas or electric driven compressor that reaches pressures up to 175 psig. Each one of these industrial air compressors were designed to be vertically or horizontally mounted. With top quality bearings, cast iron cylinders, and vibration free compressor pumps, this compressor package was built to withstand all types of working conditions. A low initial purchase price provides great value to this reciprocating compressor.

Specifications and Features

  • 5 - 7.5 HP
  • Up to 150 psig
  • 15.2 - 22.7 cfm at 150 psig & 11.4 cfm at 125 psig
  • Single & Two-Stage Splash Lubricated
  • Electric Driven
  • Vertical Configuration
  • 1-Year compressor pump warranty

Value Plus Splash Lubricated






Service and Warranty