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What are vacuum trucks?

Vacuum Trucks are often used for collecting and transporting liquid, soil, and sludge clean up. They operate by creating pressure within the tank, allowing the vacuum to suck materials into the tank. These types of vacuums find application across various vehicle types, including Skid Mounted Pull-Behind Vacuum Trailers, Pumper Trucks for sludge removal and septic tank cleaning. Municipal Trucks for sewer cleaning and water treatment. Additionally, they are integral to Hydro-Excavation Trucks, facilitating oil collection and hydro excavation processes. These vacuum solutions serve diverse industries, including Municipalities, Sanitation, Power & Utilities, Oil & Gas, Industrial sectors, and more.

Gardner Denver Vacuum Truck Products

Deep Vacuum Range

tb dv airflow

RB-DV deep vacuum blower

RB-DV boasts fuel efficiency with its Tri-Lobe design and patented air injection system, ensuring cost savings for operators. Its unique air injection feature not only enhances fuel efficiency but also maintains cooler operating temperatures and prevents overheating. With best-in-class noise reduction, your system will operate smoothly without unnecessary disturbances. The RB-DV Series consistently delivers optimal vacuum levels, reaching up to 28 inHg on a dead head, with a wide range of flows from 45 to 6,676 CFM. Ideal for various applications including industrial combination trucks, hydro excavation, potholing utilities, oil collection, oil field water, and grit recovery trailers, RB-DV stands as a reliable and efficient choice for your business needs.


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RFL Vane Pumps

The RFL Vane Pump features a performance with up to 24 inHg of continuous vacuum, surpassing the industry standard of 20 inHg. Benefit from the advantages of a deeper vacuum, such as extended working hose length providing enhanced flexibility at job sites, increased working depth to extract materials from deeper tanks, and faster load/offload times, reducing load time by up to 25% and boosting your productivity. Our system is available in multiple drive applications, including PTO Drive, Gearbox Drive, or Hydraulic Drive, ensuring compatibility with your equipment. Its rugged oil tank, complete with a movable mounting bracket and remote mount option, guarantees durability and ease of installation. Additionally, equipped with dual cooling fans, the RFL pumps operate cooler, leading to a longer pump life and optimal performance for your operations.


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RFL 102 Side 1
RFW 150, 200, 260 Vacuum

RFW Vane Pump

The RFW Vacuum pump is purposefully engineered for waste vacuum tankers and combination jetting/vacuum vehicles. Its compressor/vacuum pump generates the necessary vacuum for loading waste liquid into the vehicle tank and provides compressed air for unloading. A four-way valve seamlessly switches between vacuum and pressure as needed. Its compact design ensures maximum flexibility during installation, while its low weight, and minimal noise level stand as its primary advantages. Suitable applications include installation in sludge-suction vehicles and high-capacity jetting and suction vehicles. The drive options are diverse, including clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, powered from the vehicle engine via an auxiliary drive and universal shaft, V-belts, hydraulic motor, flexible coupling, or diesel engine or electric motor, with the ability to switch between clockwise and counterclockwise rotation at any time.


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Rough Vacuum

TriFlow 825

The TriFlow 825 tri-lobe vacuum blower is an innovative solution for the Sewer Truck market. Compared to similar sized bi-lobe blowers, the TriFlow 825’s design delivers fuel efficiency, cooler operating temperatures and lower sound levels than competitive models. It delivers up to 19 inHg continuous vacuum and flow up to 4,805 cfm, ensuring optimal functionality. Offering flexible installation options, it adapts seamlessly to your system's requirements. Its energy efficiency surpasses that of other straight lobe blowers, contributing to cost savings over time. Equipped with helical gears, it ensures smooth, nearly noiseless, and synchronized operation, enhancing user experience.


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TriFlow 825 Cutaway