The right rotary vane compressor for your business.

The Hydrovane series rotary sliding vane compressors are reliable, versatile, powerful and cost effective.

With its low noise level the Hydrovane compressor can be installed right alongside your equipment.

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rotary vane principle

The Rotary Vane Principle

A: Air is drawn in through the intake valve.
B: Air is contained between the rotor and stator wall.
C: Air is compressed by decreasing volume. Lubricant is continually injected to cool, seal and lubricate.
D: High pressure air passes into the primary oil separator.
E: Remaining traces of lubricant are removed in a final separator element, ensuring high quality air.
F: System air passes through the aftercooler, removing most of the condensate.
G: Lubricant is circulated by differential air pressure (No lubricant pump required). It passes through an air-blast lubricant cooler and filter before being returned to the compressor.
H: Air flow is regulated by an in built modulation system.