Product Grade Indicator
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Product Grade Indicator

The EW Product Grade Indicator is fitted directly above each loading or discharging API adaptor. It allows the operator to check and set the product grade for that tanker compartment. It also features integrated pneumatic control which opens the bottom valve for loading and unloading in one place.

With traditional road tanker pneumatic control systems, the bottom valve controls are housed in a box remote from the delivery valves. The Grade Indicator provides a clear indication of the compartment product which is manually selected by the operator after loading. Upon delivery to the customers' tank the Footvalve is opened without the need to move away from the delivery (API) Valve. This and the Lockable variant help to prevent Cross Contamination of product. The Lockable variant will only allow the operator to rotate the Grade Selector barrel when the Footvalve is opened. This can eliminate errors such as setting the wrong Grade indicator to empty.



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