Gardner Denver Releases New Electra Saver II G2 60HP & Enhancements to the L/LRS Frame 3 Compressors 



Gardner Denver is excited to announce the release of the new Electra Saver II G2 60HP compressor and enhancements to our L/LRS Frame 3 compressors product offering.

Electra Saver II G2 60HP

Founded on slow-speed, 1800rpm design principles, the Electra Saver II G2 builds on the thousands of hours of reliability that was established by the Electra Saver product families. These premium, slow speed products continue to be a staple in the market, and the release of the Electra Saver II G2 60HP enhances the competiveness of Gardner Denver’s product portfolio. The new STG2-60 compressor package delivers best in class flow and efficiency and significant improvements when compared to the current models. Through the utilization of a higher performing, semi-integrated airend and the improvements made from both a serviceability and reliability perspective, the Electra Saver II G2 is an enhanced version of its predecessor.

L/LRS Series Frame 3 Compressor Enhancements

Gardner Denver is excited to continue its efforts on enhancing an already robust and comprehensive product portfolio with product enhancements on our 30-45kW Frame 3 L and LRS Series compressors. On both fixed and variable speed units, the GD Pilot TS controller will now come in color as standard on all Frame 3 compressors. We are pleased to release new CAGI data sheets reflecting efficiency improvements on both the fixed and variable speed Frame 3 products as a result of an upgraded motor which exceeds the NEMA premium efficiency standards. 

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