Gardner Denver’s Ultima oil-free compressor’s unique design enhances operational efficiencies

When considering the available technologies, a major drawback to traditional two-stage oil-free compressors is the reliance on a gearbox. Not only do these consume large amounts of energy, but they also require increased oil volume to lubricate the gears.

In contrast, Gardner Denver’s Ultima compressor has been engineered with two highly-efficient, permanent magnetic motors that replace the traditional gearbox design. These two, variable-speed motors are capable of achieving speeds of up to 22,000 RPM and efficiencies greater than 98%. The motors directly drive the airends without the need for a gearbox, thereby increasing efficiency.

Furthermore, while conventional models still use oil to lubricate and cool the airends, Ultima uses water in a closed-loop circuit to cool these components. This allows greater heat-transfer and cooling efficiencies and significantly reduces the amount of oil required for airend lubrication. Water-cooling also places less stress on these components, limiting the opportunity for any maintenance issues that might otherwise arise during the compressor’s lifetime thereby reducing service costs.

Ultima is offered as standard from 75kW to 160kW, with each unit fully upgradeable between this kilowatt-range. This means that if a site’s compressed air demand increases in the future, customers can purchase an upgrade to a larger Ultima model based on the increased demand. There is no need to purchase a completely new compressor, eliminating the associated downtime and reducing the expense that comes with upgrading the plant air system.

Achieving the quietest noise level in its class (69 db(A)) and the smallest footprint, Ultima can be installed easily at the point of use, rather than in a separate compressor room. Ultima’s highly-efficient internal cooling also means adjacent compressors can be located close to one another, optimizing the available space.

ultima gd u160 front right gd no reflection

Bob Shade, Product Manager for Industrial Compressors at Gardner Denver, explains: “Launched in 2017, our Ultima compressor has been installed at sites around the world, quickly establishing itself as a proven and trusted Gardner Denver oil-free technology. There is no question that Ultima continues to deliver high levels of efficiency, due to its highly innovative design and the fact that so many conventional models still rely on the traditional gearbox and single motor set-up.

“For those operating in production sensitive environments, such as the food and beverage industry, electronics manufacturing or pharmaceuticals sector, you want confidence that you are investing in a system that provides the highest air-quality and purity. Ultima meets this need and continues to drive the oil-free compressed air market forward.”

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