Elmo Rietschle expands its product range for maximum customer benefit

Gardner Denver's Elmo Rietschle brand has launched an impressive addition to its existing product range at this year's HANNOVER MESSE. A new XD range for heavy-duty applications has been added to the claw, rotary vane and screw technologies and the IV range will be launched for low ultimate vacuum models for the rotary vane and screw vacuum pumps.

The vacuum and pressure specialists for industrial processes have acquired an excellent reputation in many decades of successful business dealings with customers around the world from many industries - and they have seen an ever increasing demand for more complex and diversified solutions. One solution for all needs? The engineers in Schopfheim and Bad Neustadt believe that details count and that one product for all no longer satisfies the technical and financial requirements from today's customers. A change for more application focused machines is the result of this new approach.

XD is the label on the new heavy duty models for the claw, rotary vane and screw machines which are primarily intended for humid processes. They feature protective coating, are resilient to dust and dirt carry-over and are best suited for demanding applications such as extrusion, industrial parts cleaning, meat processing and packaging. They are available with variable speed drive to keep the energy bill low.

2017 04 er xd
2017 04 er industrialvacuum

The second novelty by Elmo Rietschle are the IV models for the VC rotary vane and VSI screw vacuum pump models that can achieve vacua of 0.1 mbar. They tolerate high inlet gas temperatures and are especially low noise. The oil change intervals for the rotary vane vacuum pumps are longer than the industry standard.

Lamination of solar panels, heat treatment, oil degasing and freeze drying are typical applications for these special machines as well as lithium-ion-batteries, load lock chambers and coating.

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