Application Types:

Tools for Utility Companies

From repairing/servicing utility vehicles, inflating tyres and energising mobile tools for utility companies, to filling pressurised receiver tanks, storing air to operate braking systems, doors and cushioned suspensions on public transport, the advantages and needs for mobile compressed air continue to increase.

The Air Drive, Hydrovane and Wittig brands utilise vane and screw based compressor technology to produce a range of compressors to give you distinct advantages.

  • Low noise, low weight, low vibration, essential in public transport and working environments.
  • Highly efficient designs, low operating costs
  • Low emissions, environmentally friendly
  • Reliable long life, built to last, predictable maintenance, performance monitoring facilities

We use these core compressors in packages and combinations to give you a wide range of performance and functional choices with benefits over many other systems.