QF-450 Series Bareshaft Waterjetting Pumps
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Bareshaft Waterjetting Pumps
QF-450 Series

Pressures to 20,000 PSI, Flows to 200 GPM, Power to 600 HP

Performance or Secondary Product Differentiators

Gardner Denver’s quintuplex pumps are well known for their smooth operation with lower operating costs and infrequent maintenance requirements. They are ideal for continuous duty operations requiring generous flows and are designed for dirty water service. With an efficiency rating of 97% (the highest in the business) and tremendous durability it is no wonder they have become a favorite of plant maintenance.

TWO HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE! The same rugged power frame can be used with either fluid end: the "SB" 10,000 PSI fluid end with flows to 200 GPM, or the mighty "HC" 20,000 PSI fluid end with flows to 88 GPM. Fluid end change-outs are easy and so is maintenance.



Design Advantages


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