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Oberdorfer™ gear pumps are manufactured to the highest of industry standards to prevent seal and packing failure, ensuring an efficient flow environment. Our pumps are commonplace in applications like maple syrup filtrations, cream production, brine injection and various food preservation.

Cream Production


Beverage Cooling

Multiple beverage manufactures have recently switched to Oberdorfer beverage cooling pumps. Oberdorfer pumps have been found to be less expensive and maintenance free. Plastic gears reduced the noise level. Oberdorfer pumps effortlessly circulate chilled water through the machines cooling coils with little discharge pressure is required. 

Brine Injection

Oberdorfer brine injection pumps are used in pressure pump units designed to inject brine solution into meat products by packing houses and meat processors. Needles are inserted into the meat products ham or bacon. Brine is pumped throughout for preservation and special taste effect. Discharge has by-pass line return to supply for complete mixing of solution. 

Maple Syrup and Maple Cream

Oberdorfer pumps ( Lead-Free Alloy) are the go to choice by many leading maple syrup filter press equipment manufacturers. Oberdorfer maple syrup pumps and maple cream pumps handles abrasive sugar sand and filter aide. These versatile pumps can be operated in either rotational direction and can be installed in any plane. All materials of construction are suitable for food service use. 

White Paper | Gear Pumps For Maple Syrup Applications

Utilizing gear pumps for maple syrup filter press applications.

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