Natural Gas Compressors

Natural gas compressors from LeRoi are suitable for a wide range of industrial applications including vapor recovery, gas-lift to land-fill gas, and liquid tank transfer. Built from high-quality metals, these heavy-duty compressors can withstand harsh working conditions. The most common applications and industries include oil and gas, industrial and process industries.

Choose from cutting edge reciprocating or innovative rotary natural gas compressors based on your needs. To ensure consistent efficiency levels, very few moving parts are utilized internally. You will not find valves, rings or packing that wear over time on our single or two state rotary screw compressors. Due to breakthroughs in engineering, LeRoi gas compressors provide superior PSID ratings compared to other high pressure compressors.

LeROI compressed air products are available as modules or full turnkey compressed gas packages including PLC’s, VFD’s, and enclosures. The variety of models assures you will get the right product for your application specific needs.