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Military High Pressure Air Applications

Value Under Pressure

It is often the case that the cost of ownership of high pressure air compressors outweighs the initial cost of purchase. However, in comparison to competitor machines, Reavell compressors are proven to deliver significant savings over their total lifetime.

Lifetime Costs

When it comes to a nation’s naval defence, quality and reliability are paramount. However, for publicly funded naval operations, where the focus must be on sourcing reliable and cost-effective solutions, this can be a difficult balance to achieve.


Servicing Value

When calculating the lifetime costs of a high pressure air compressor, one of the biggest considerations is the cost of servicing. Reavell’s transparent service strategy not only offers peace of mind in an area which can otherwise lead to significant unexpected costs, but more importantly, delivers proven cost savings.

Proven Value

A recent decade long study conducted by a major NATO partner resulted in its decision to replace all competitor High Pressure Air Compressors (HPACs) with the Reavell 5417N.

The purpose of the study, which commenced in 2007, was to calculate the overall running costs of Reavell high pressure air compressors versus a competitor’s machines. The independent study indisputably concluded that the competitor’s machines were outperformed by Reavell’s in terms of reliability and cost of maintenance.

Because the through-life costs of a Reavell machine are significantly lower, even after the complex decommissioning process of the rival’s compressors, cost savings to the navy and to taxpayers will be considerable.

Read more about how our high pressure reciprocating compressors saved a NATO partner on their defence spending by reading our case study.

Since the first Reavell high pressure air compressor was installed on a British naval ship in 1905, the brand has been synonymous with providing reliable and maintainable products, while building long-term, trusting partnerships with the world’s leading navies.

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