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Rotary Screw Oil-Free Air Compressor - Ultima Series

Ultima Rotary Screw Oil Free Air Compressor 

Two-Stage Variable Speed Rotary Screw 75-160 kW (100-200 HP)

This next gen oil free air compressor utilizes high efficiency low/high pressure dry screw airends. Each airend is individually driven by a motor that operates at 97% efficiency. The Ultima provides up to 70% turndown, delivers low off-load power consumption, while maintaining a 63-69 dBA noise performance. This oil free air compressor also provides superior heat recovery.


Ultima™ – The real deal

Advanced totally oil-free technology

The ISO 8573-1 CLASS O certified EnviroAire T compressors offer the following benefits:

  • 100% silicone-free, guaranteed
  • Specifically designed for use in pure-air critical applications
  • Avoids contamination and provides the highest air quality standards
  • Independently tested and certified
  • For many industries such as 'food & beverages', 'pharmaceuticals' and 'electronics', air purity is a critical factor where even the smallest drop of oil risks contamination that can have severe consequences such as:
  • Product spoilage
  • Production downtime
  • Damage to production equipment
  • Damage to brand reputation

    • 100% oil and silicone free
      Highest levels of air quality
    • Highest efficiency levels
      Low running costs
    • Low noise design
      Installation at point of use
    • LP & HP airends individually driven
      Energy efficient across the flow range
    • Very efficient heat recovery
      Most efficient machine
    • Easy installation
      No ducting required
    • On-board monitoring
      Very user-friendly
    • Available with iConn remote monitoring
      IoT connected
  • Design

    Ultima™ – The real deal

    Cost reducing innovative design

    With each compression stage being driven by individual, highly efficient, permanent magnetic motors with two separate tairends - unlike traditional two-stage compression technology - the on-board controller perfectly and intelligently matches demand efficiency by independently controlling the speed of each stage.

    By varying the speed of the oil-free compressor, the Ultima achieves the highest levels of productivity across the full turndown range.

    This allows the compressor to use 13% less power than traditional technology equating to an average saving of up to €8,000* per annum.

    *based on average running hours and conditions

    Airend performance - the perfect balance

    Unlike conventional oil-free compressors that have both stages controlled by a single drive - as the machine speeds up or slows down, demand changes and efficiency is affected - Ultima utilises two high speed, highly efficient motors that combine with the high efficiency airends.

    Maximum efficiency is provided by the intelligent on-board controller, which perfectly matches the delivery ratio by individually controlling the speed of each stage.


    Optimum heat recovery ultimate cooling

    Using a closed loop water cooling system to cool all major components, and with separate water cooling for the inter and after coolers, Ultima compressors offer the highest outputs for heat recovery - approximately 10% more than comparable compressors on the market. Ultima also offers the option of air-cooling.

    Premium productivity

    Where the majority of oil-free airends on the market quickly succumb to performance deterioration, Ultima utilises German engineered and manufactured airends incorporating a special coating to ensure life-long protection of the compressor and maximum efficiency.



    GD Pilot TS Peace-of-mind protection - smarter performance

    Fitted with an updated GD Pilot TS touch screen controller, Ultima provides the ability to monitor the installation's operational parameters, through a multilingual and user-friendly control system, which is essential for protecting your investment and lowering running costs.

    All functions are clearly structured in five main menus and are intuitively visual. The multilingual “GD Pilot TS” control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing your running costs.

    With the ability to display detailed system analysis in the form of trend diagrams and graphs, operating parameters can be precisely set to maximise the efficiency.

    iConn - Supporting Industry 4.0 standards

    The controller in turn allows connection to iConn - the real-time monitoring service providing in-depth, accurate and real-time knowledge about the system. This pro-active, smart technology provides total peace-of-mind, ensuring that production planning is protected by precise statistics and insight generated by the controller.

    This data keeps users informed on true and current performance and will highlight any cause for concern before a problem arises.


    Parts and Services

    PureCARE - our total commitment to quality and worry free ownership

    The Gardner Denver PureCARE warranty and service programmes ensure uninterrupted compressed air supply coupled with best compressor performance.

    The PureCARE Service Plans offer on-time servicing by our factory-trained Gardner Denver technicians, combined with the unrivalled quality of Gardner Denver genuine parts. Tailored to the application and site circumstances, the maintenance schedule always fits operators' needs, providing more uptime, increased reliability and ultimately more productivity.