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Rotary screw compressor ESM 250

ESM / VS 160-290 Screw compressors

Lubricated Rotary Screw Compressors (160 - 290 kW)

The perfect fit to maximise productivity

Premium compressor manufacturer Gardner Denver has launched a new range of energy efficient 160 kW to 250 kW oil-injected, screw air compressors to enhance its existing range of GD machines.

The new compressors, 160, 200, 250 and the 290, are available in both fixed speed (ESM) and variable speed (VS) models. Each one is capable of delivering reliable and efficient compressed air, with pressures ranging from 5 bar to 13 bar, and suitable for a wide variety of industrial applications.

Key Benefits

Advanced design

The ESM / VS 160-290 series is specifically designed to meet the demands of continuous 24-hour use and absolute uptime, as required in critical industrial processes.

Innovative design delivers great benefits:

  • Efficiency
  • Low Noise Operation
  • Advanced Control System
  • Modern Cooling System
  • Easy Maintenance
  • GD 5 Years Extended Warranty Protect 5 - Our total commitment to quality and worry free ownership

At just 6.2 m2 for both the fixed and variable speed compressors, all units have a small footprint, making them ideal for installations where space is at a premium. The low speed airend, produced in Gardner Denver's new 'Centre of Excellence' in Germany, and radial fans with inverter options, ensure that the machines run quietly, with low noise levels starting from 76 dB (A) on the ESM160 model.

Life Cycle Solutions


A perfectly matched design of motor, direct drive & air-end

The efficient motor/drive/air-end combination are designed to reduce the specific power, which benefits you in the form of energy cost savings. Additionally, Gardner Denver is using TEFC IP55, high efficiency motors.

Premium efficiency air end

The design of the Gardner Denver airends makes operation reliable and maintenance easy ensuring minimal downtime. The high-output compression element with slow rotational speed reduces energy costs. In addition, the innovative design of the fail safe shaft seal, integrated oil filter and oil regulation valve, ensures external hoses are reduced to a minimum to guarantee the highest levels of quality and reliability are achieved.

 Easy installation

The ESD/ESG series is easy to service. Large double doors provide easy access to all service points. All maintenance can be completed from the front of the compressor.

VS series: Our compressor solution for varying air demand

Superb flexibility comes as standard with the VS Series. With up to 80% regulation range, the VS Series features the market's quickest and widest response to air demand changes.

Your benefits during varying air demand:

  • Reduced wear and tear on inlet and discharge valve components
  • No shock bearing loads for the air end
  • Minimized pulsating load (full load pressure/of load pressure) for all pressurised components within compressor package (oil receiver, hoses etc.)
Life Cycle Solutions

Optimised cooling system -high efficiency radial fan

The radial fan concept represents quiet and efficient operation. Additionally, peripheral speed means low noise and the power consumption is up to 50% lower than a comparable axial fan. Another advantage is the high residual thrust (stable curve) that allows the use of exhaust ducting with a pressure drop of up to 130 Pa. The oversized after coolers used in the ESM / VS 160-290 series also ensure an optimum cooling and discharge temperature.

The synthetic efficiency advantage with Gardner Denver AEON™ 9000 SP lubricant as a standard.

A unique synthetic lubricant designed specifically to maximise compressor efficiency and provide optimum lubricity.

  • Extended drain intervals
  • Energy Savings as a result of optimum operation
  • Under demanding temperature conditions
  • Make considerable savings on your energy bill




Everything under control - “GD Pilot TS” touch screen controller

The “GD Pilot TS” with its high resolution touch screen display is extremely user friendly and self-explanatory. All functions are clearly structured in five main menus and are visually intuitive. The multilingual “GD Pilot TS” control system ensures reliable operation and protects your investment by continuously monitoring the operational parameters, which is essential for reducing your running costs. With the ability to display detailed system analysis in the form of trend diagrams and graphs, operating parameters can be precisely set to maximise efficiency.

Base load sequencing

Compressed air systems typically comprise of multiple compressors delivering air to a common distribution system. The addition of the optional base load sequencing module will allow for the central control of up to four compressors matching the delivery to plant demand


Parts and Services

First class accessibility

The design of these packages assures the service points are readily accessible. The enclosure side doors are hinged and removable to allow complete access to all service points. The reduced number of moving parts also lowers maintenance costs.

Easy service items

  • Spin on/off separator cartridge gives residual oil carryover of less than 3mg/m3
  • Quick oil change via external drain
  • Easy access suction filter element

Combined air/oil cooler

  • Low air discharge temperature
  • No unnecessary wear or condensate in the system

VS 250 Compressor Opened side

Quality Service Management to ensure the efficiency of your air station

Our Total Commitment to Quality Free of worry - For Lubricated Screw Compressors, Oil Free Compressors and Refrigerant Dryers.

  • Total commitment to quality and worry free ownership
  • Simple and free of charge extended warranty scheme
  • All GD oil free technologies covered