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JY High Pressure Compressor

J-Series Lubricated and Oil-free Reciprocating Compressors

Lubricated and Oil-free reciprocating technology 19-559 kW (25-750 HP)

Advanced Designs for Compressor Solutions

WB-12 reciprocating air compressors are available in lubricated or oil-free models, and can be driven by direct-coupled or V-belt driven by electric motors, or a variety of engines and turbines. V-belt drives can be employed to drive J-Series compressors, for most applications up to 350 hp.

Compressors are available from 25 to 750 hp, for atmospheric or booster applications. Compressed gases include Air, Argon, Nitrogen, Methane, Carbon Dioxide, and other mixtures.


JV "Vertical" Configuration

Our single-cylinder vertical compressor is designed for maximum value vale, versatility and space savings. JV compressors are designed to be applied to a variety of industrial and process applications and are available as double-acting, single-stage, low to medium pressure units

JH "Horizontal-Opposed" Configuration

In areas with height restrictions, our two-cylinder horizontal opposed design has the counter-weights and cylinder arrangement necessary for smooth operation and balanced primary and secondary forces. JH compressors are universally used in all industrial and process applications and are available as single-stage, low pressure, high volume units and as multi-stage high pressure machines.

JY "Wye" Configuration

In our two-cylinder wye-type design, primary and secondary forces are balanced by counter-weights and cylinder arrangements for smooth operation and minimal space requirements. JY compressors are universally used in all industrial and process applications and are available as single-stage, low pressure, high volume units and as multi-stage high pressure machines.

JR "Semi-Radial" Configuration

In this unique semi-radial design, 4 cylinders are spaced semi-radially around the frame to balance forces for minimum vibration and smooth, quiet operation. JR compressors are recommended for continuous heavy-duty conditions. They can be furnished as single or multi-stage unit for low and high pressure service.


Benefits at a glance

  • All cylinders and cylinders heads are made of dense, grey iron. 
  • Pistons are designed for specific applications, to work in harmony with cylinder contouring or maximum gas flow efficiency.
  • Low-profile valves with stainless steel discs provide large port are and low velocity, resulting in a minimum pressure drop. 
  • The crankshaft is a precision machines and ground ductile iron casting or alloy steel forging, accurately counter-weighted to minimize vibrations, noise and wear.
  • The main frame's heavy cast grey iron construction provides rugged support for the running gear. Removable oil-tight covers provide generous access to crankshaft connecting rods and crossheads.
  • The box-type, cast iron, precision-fitted crosshead with extra large bearing area is rifle-drilled for pressure lubrication.
  • Heat-treated connecting rods are rifle-drilled for pressure lubrication to precision steel-backed, tri-metal crankpin bearings and bronze crosshead pin bearings.
  • Main bearings consist of precision machined and ground, self-aligning, antifriction, spherical roller bearings, which never need adjustment, so machine operation stays smooth and trouble-free.
  • Cross-head guides are one-piece construction cast of special iron alloy. Running surfaces are honed to a minor finish and pressure lubricated for long life.


Service and Warranty

Experience Peace of Mind

The engineering philosophy of Gardner Denver ensures long-lasting, reliable equipment. Our simple, but bold warranty programs demonstrate our belief in the quality found in Gardner Denver compressors. Our standard warranty ensures that you have peace of mind when it comes to your system's operation. Simple stated, it's the best in the industry.