GARO - Presenter at the Emerson User Exchange

Garo is pleased to announce that we will be a presenter at the Emerson User Exchange held in Milan on March 18-20. With a presentation entitled 'Flare Gas Recovery System: Maximum Efficiency with Minimum Environmental Impact', Garo will explain how refineries or petrochemical plants can recover waste gas with full automatization.

Read the abstract of our presentation here below and discover more at www.emersonexchange.org/emea/ 

ABSTRACT: Flare Gas Recovery Systems (FGRS) are essential and mandatory equipment in the Oil & Gas sector especially in up- and midstream sites. There are numerous advantages in this system ranging from environmental and social to economic benefits. Firstly, thanks to FGRS, waste dangerous gases and pollutants are no longer burnt through flares but recovered. On the other side, the recovered gas is cleaned and recycled back to the process stream and used as fuel or sold as an energy source.