Gardner Denver Solution Helps Bring Relief to Brazilian Covid-19 Patients

(April 15, 2021) Gardner Denver cooperated with air solutions provider Valmig Comércio e Assessoria Técnica de Equipamentos on the delivery of an oxygen generating plant to a municipal hospital in the Capela do Socorro area of São Paulo, Brazil. Our screw compressor from the Electra Saver line is an important component of the device which will give almost 100 Covid-19 patients access to much-needed oxygen therapy as the country remains firmly in the grips of the coronavirus pandemic.

Valmig’s plant is the first oxygen generator to have been installed in a São Paulo hospital with the news having been reported by major TV stations including CNN and Globo. The GD compressor is responsible for capturing atmospheric air and compresing it. Other parts of the system then separate oxygen from other gases, which is stored in special tanks and subsequently pumped directly to the hospital patients’ beds.

hospital air tank

The hospital in Capela do Socorro used to use oxygen tanks, but with the current demand for oxygen therapy growing exponentially the previous solution proved to be insufficient and the hospital’s management decided they needed an oxygen generator of their own. Valmig was commissioned to deliver a mini oxygen generating plant within a relatively short period of time so that the hospital’s dire needs could be quickly met.

Valmig previously cooperated with another compressor manufacturer, but has recently been looking for a partner able to deliver high-quality solutions that would offer maximum efficiency and reliability, and approached Gardner Denver.

Electra Screw 50

Gardner Denver, which has extensive experience in providing compressed air systems for oxygen generation, suggested the proper compressor and then managed to deliver it, along with the related services, within a few days of signing a contract with the client

With its daily average of more than 72,000 new cases and almost 1,500 deaths recorded in the last seven days, Brazil is currently still one of the most Covid-19-afflicted countries in the world. The supply of oxygen remains one of the most important issues for Brazilian hospitals.

Gardner Denver has been on the frontline of the global fight against Covid-19 providing its pressure and vacuum solutions for numerous hospital applications on several continents, while actively supporting the hospital sector in Brazil as the country experiences a new surge of the pandemic and fights a more easily spread variant of the virus. In March, 2021 Gardner Denver assisted another manufacturer in the installation of an oxygen generating plant in a hospital located in the Brazilian city of Iguatu, and now there are two other oxygen generating plant manufacturers that are using Gardner Denver compressors.

With its ample know-how and sizable portfolio of reliable and cost-efficient products Gardner Denver is well equipped to continue cooperating with companies from the industrial and hospital sectors.