H2S Gas Sweetening

GARO's WAIS Technology can effectively condense and scrub flare gas in one application, reducing or eliminating the need for a separate gas treating unit. 

A traditional flare gas recovery system uses a separate gas treating unit to remove acidic gases, including H2S from the process gas. In Garo's patented process Amine is used as the seal liquid to effectively scrub the H2S from the process gas during the re-compression phase. The result: a safe, sustainable and flexible system that reduces consumption and cost, while improving system reliability. 

  • Safe & Sustainable - Recovered gas can be used as fuel or sold
  • Flexible - Able to withstand sudden and wide variation of H2S content 
  • Reliable - Improves reliability by preventing buildup

In this application GARO Compressors Provide:

  • Simplified process using amine as the seal liquid
  • Eliminates/reduces need for separate gas treating unit
  • Low maintenance requirements
  • Cool running liquid ring technology is ideal for handling sour and toxic gases
  • Optimized for the lowest total cost of ownership
  • Complete system warranty
  • Global customer support

GARO System for WAIS 1

GARO H2S Gas Sweetening Systems

High-Pressure System
GARO Single Stage Compressor Package

  • Pressure range: up to 9 Bar Abs
  • Flow rate range: up to 4000 Am3/h per single compressor
  • Materials: Stainless Steel for wetted parts; other materials upon request
  • Sealing type: dual mechanical seals in back to back or tandem arrangement