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Multistage Centrifugal Blowers For All Your Operating Needs

Robuschi offers a full spectrum of low-pressure technologies, including lobe, screw, turbo and, now multistage centrifugal blowers.

A global leader in providing products and services for the low-pressure market, Robuschi has recently added multistage centrifugal blowers to its all-inclusive portfolio of blower solutions. Our customers now have access to a full spectrum of low-pressure technologies that also includes lobe, screw and turbo blowers.

They can thus benefit from dealing with a single, well-established supplier of pressure and vacuum for a wide range of industrial and commercial applications.

A Broad Range of Multistage Centrifugal Blower Solutions

Robuschi’s multistage blower portfolio comprises over 20 standard centrifugal models. It offers various drive options and a large number of additional design features.

They are optimized for 50 Hz markets, but 60 Hz models are also on offer. Our blowers provide a broad performance range covering capacities of between 85 m3/h and 70,000 m3/h. They can be used in a wide spectrum of industrial and commercial applications in areas such as water and wastewater treatment and industrial processing.

Robuschi’s comprehensive multistage centrifugal blower line includes:

  • Small inlet models with inlet sizes ranging from 65 mm to 150 mm. These models feature up to 11 stages and offer maximum flow of between 680 m3/h and 4,100 m3/h. Maximum pressure and maximum vacuum range from 0.51 bar to 1.05 bar and from 251 mmHg to 380 mmHg respectively.
  • Medium inlet models with inlet sizes ranging from 200 mm to 300 mm. These models feature up to 11 stages and offer maximum flow of between 5,440 m3/h and 15,300 m3/h. Maximum pressure and maximum vacuum range from 0.99 bar to 1.43 bar and from 350 mmHg to 450 mmHg respectively.
  • Large inlet models with inlet sizes ranging from 350 mm to 750 mm. These models feature up to 8 stages and offer maximum flow of between 20,400 m3/h and 68,000 m3/h. Maximum pressure and maximum vacuum range from 0.9 bar to 1.7 bar and from 350 mmHg to 477 mmHg respectively.
  • 900 Series models with inlet sizes ranging from 150 mm to 500 mm. These models feature up to 9 stages and offer maximum flow of between 26,200 m3/h and 70,200 m3/h. Maximum pressure and maximum vacuum range from 1.6 bar to 1.8 bar and from 380 mmHg to 425 mmHg respectively.
  • We also provide multistage centrifugal blower packages and complete customized solutions for customers needing engineered-to-order systems to meet the requirements of their demanding applications. Built around Robuschi’s reliable blowers, our ETO systems include energy-saving controls and VFDs as well as a wide range of accessories. All of our equipment is tested before it reaches the customer or end-user. It is designed and manufactured in accordance with ISO and other international quality standards.

    To ensure long-lasting OEM performance for your blower and your peace of mind, our products are covered by warranty and backed by preventive and planned maintenance programs. Our global aftermarket support and service gives you access to genuine spare parts and helps minimize operational downtime when your blower needs repair.

    Cutting-Edge Multistage Centrifugal Blower Technology

    Robuschi Multistage Centrifugal Blowers

    Our multistage centrifugal blowers are defined by their superior quality of design, materials and manufacturing.

    They combine unrivaled efficiency with minimum maintenance requirements, low operating costs and a long service life. These are enabled by our cutting-edge multistage blower technology whose innovative features include:

  • Our patented multiple baffle rings (MBR™) that help to significantly reduce inlet passage losses and increase blower efficiency by turning airflow smoothly into the eye of the impeller.
  • A balance piston that is located at the outlet end of the rotating impeller. It negates its axial force and reduces the strain on the drive bearings. The solution helps prolong bearing life and minimize leakages.
  • Multistage shrouded impellers made of cast aluminum that are balanced individually and as a complete assembly to achieve smooth operation with industry-leading vibration levels.
  • A precision-aligned flexible coupling that allows for a direct connection between the blower and the power source. This optimizes power transfer and minimizes bearing loads for a longer bearing life.
  • A cast housing made of high-grade iron or aluminum (smaller models) that ensures long-lasting performance. Other durability-guaranteeing elements include a single steel baseplate and intermediate sections assembled using high-strength steel tie rods.
  • Non-contact, no-maintenance labyrinth seals used in most air and gas applications are provided as standard. They minimize gas leakages and prevent the airflow from reversing.
  • Optional carbon ring seals/MAXSeals for applications requiring superior sealing are also available. The latter technology reduces fugitive emissions by up to 67% compared to traditional seal options. It is ideal for handling toxic and explosive gas applications.
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