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Robuschi provides cost-saving solution for Philippine water utility

A Changing Business Landscape

Since the onset of the coronavirus pandemic, it’s safe to say the whole world has had to face unprecedented difficulties, and companies have had to adapt in order to best deliver for their customers. Not only have companies had to adjust to global supply disruptions, but also a reduced ability to travel. At Robuschi, we rely on our reputation to deliver solutions across borders, and the current situation has enforced an adjustment to our processes. Whilst we used to rely on in-person collaboration, we now have to utilize online computer technologies to remotely meet with customers and maintain our role as a global leader as best we can

The Task At Hand

Last year our customer, a venture arm of Manila Water Company Inc. (one of the two biggest concessionaires in the Philippines), who hold the exclusive right to provide water and used water services to the eastern side of Metro Manila, approached us with the task of replacing several of their blower units in their Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs). These units had been providing a number of issues for them, such as high energy consumption, which was leading to increased prices, a lack of availability of parts, and a lack of service provider access. With these problems our customer deemed the unit obsolete and decided to turn to us to provide a solution that was able to address these performance and economic issues.


After discussion with our team of experts, we decided upon a solution, which involved replacing two of the units with Robuschi WS 85 Robox oil-free screw compressor, and one of the units with the Robuschi WS 105 CDL Robox oil-free screw blower. The screw compressor models allow for pressure up to 2,500 mbar(g) and capacity up to 9,400 m3 /h while the screw blower models allow for pressure up to 1,000 mbar(g) and capacity up to 10,100 m3 /h. The Robox Screw range ensures a high level of efficiency (>75%) within a wide compressor rotation speed range which reduces energy consumption. In addition, its robust construction and use of minimum parts contributes to high reliability and long intervals between maintenance.

A Cost-Saving Solution 

For this particular customer who is in the wastewater treatment industry, energy consumption will account for over 50% of annual costs. The Robox Screw range meets all cost reduction requirements, allowing our customers to save between 15% and 30% on energy consumption when compared with other technologies. Limited urban space and increasing population also means that Robox screw compressor models with the capability to provide pressure of more than 1,000 mbar (g) can meet the demand for tall collection tanks. Robox oil-free Screw range carry Class 0 certification according to ISO 8573-1 for a more environmentally friendly operation. 

A Successful Collaboration 

To conclude, our collaboration with the customer was a definite success. In spite of our customer having a good relationship with their prior provider, we were able to sway them towards our product for their three STPs due to our low-price point and customer support. In summary, we were able to demonstrate the best of our abilities as a global provider and prove that regardless of the challenges posed by COVID-19, we are able to deliver for our customers.