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Every Detail Matters

In the competitive world of PET bottle blowing, every increase in efficiency and every reduction of expense matters. Success in the industry often depends on fine margins. Every second of each production run and every cubic meter of compressed air plays a role in optimizing your final process outcomes. The selection of the right PET compressor technology is crucial to ensure maximized output and minimize operating costs.

Since 1978, Belliss & Morcom has been a leading provider of PET compressors for the bottle blowing sector. Our range of oil-free compressors are engineered from the ground up. They meet the exacting requirements of the industry and provide unrivaled levels of performance, efficiency and reliability.

Our commitment to innovation and attention to detail, coupled with the engineering refinement of our designs, translate into tangible benefits for our customers. These include energy and maintenance cost savings and greater uptime, as well as peace of mind.

Experience the difference with Belliss & Morcom PET compressors and discover why every detail matters when the pressure is on.

PET Bottle Blowing

Every Single Percent Matters

In PET bottle blowing, maximum machine and system efficiency is the key to having success. Even a one-percent decrease in the transfer of power can result in a significant energy loss and a serious financial impact. Using the highest-quality equipment that you can rely on can make a huge difference for your manufacturing processes.

Engineered to perform, Belliss & Morcom PET compressors offer unique design features which help avoid inefficiencies. They make sure that 100% of the motor’s output is transferred directly into the compressor’s running gear.

• Our PET compressors come equipped with a shaftless motor as standard. This brings energy savings of up to 12% over traditional belt-driven systems and translates into the lowest system running costs in the industry. There is no degradation over the lifetime of the equipment – you start by saving and then continue to save, year after year.

• The ‘W’ design of our compressors means that each compression stage runs on its own cylinder. This further maximizes efficiency and adds an additional level of reliability.

Belliss and Morcom PET compressor
Shaftless Motors can save you over £50,000 a year - Find out how more on our Product Page.

Every Bottle Matters

When every single bottle counts, you need pressure solutions that you can depend on. This is why every Belliss & Morcom PET compressor is built to last and comes with reliability built in. Our continuing commitment to quality is reflected in the use of the best design solutions and is backed up by our 5 year+ Belliss Xtra warranty program. This pledge delivers a reduced risk of machine failure and unplanned downtime.

Compressor motors are the most reliable and the most efficient when they are running at 75%-95% of their rated value. Belliss & Morcom PET compressor motors feature IP56 protection and are specified with their full-service factor. Due to this, you can be sure of their optimal performance throughout their lifetime.

Additionally, their water-cooling system eliminates the risk of failure in harsh environments that bring high temperatures or inadequate air quality. This allows them to operate reliably where air-cooled motors cannot.

Every Minute Matters

In key operational environments, every minute of available production matters. Downtime for frequent routine service eats into profitability. The unique design features of Belliss & Morcom PET compressors remove the need for costly interim servicing and maintenance, and thus maximize uptime.

Our diagonal design eradicates regular maintenance-requiring elements and reduces wear allowing for up to 8,000 hours of operation between service times. It also improves access and reduces service complexity. A shaftless motor design means no need for drive system maintenance.

Every Meter Matters

In busy PET factories space is always at a premium. A smaller machine footprint can be a big advantage. Thanks to their diagonal design, Belliss & Morcom PET compressors are significantly more compact than competitors’ equipment. This results in more air delivered for a given amount of factory floor.

If you have a limited amount of available space, our engineers will design a customized compact solution for you. We have extensive experience in fitting complete PET compressor systems into even the tightest manufacturing sites.

Every Option Matters

On top of our standard PET compressors, our portfolio of products and services for the bottle blowing industry also encompasses a range of additional features. They are designed to offer your factory enhanced levels of monitoring, control and cost savings, and include:

The AirPET control system for multi-compressor networks – ensures accurate control of network pressure and effective plant management.

Variable Speed Drives for variable capacity control, accurate and repeatable pressure control, reduced energy costs and extended component life.

An Air Recovery System – designed to accommodate and “recycle” pressure returned from the blow moulding machines, and reduce compressor energy consumption.

A Heat Recovery System - The cooling system can be modified to pre-heat feed water for the heating systems.

Custom Components – a wide selection of ancillary items such as starter control panels, filters and optional cooling systems are available to suit all site conditions.

Energy Audits – to help you reduce energy costs and CO2 emissions at your bottle blowing plant.

 Whatever details matter to you, Belliss & Morcom PET compressors are engineered to provide your PET plant with:


High efficiency and low energy consumption ensured by shaftless motors and a unique ‘W’ design.

Minimized maintenance costs due to the elimination of regular maintenance-requiring elements and reduced service complexity.

Unrivalled reliability backed up by a market-leading 5 year+ warranty with a re-warrant option.

Maximum uptime thanks to a diagonal design reducing wear and tear on the components and eliminating the need for drive system maintenance.

Space-saving potential enabled by a design that is more compact than those of our competitors and allows you to save your valuable floor space.

Numerous customization options with a range of additional features offering operators enhanced levels of monitoring, control and cost savings.





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