The ViMix- a new development from Zinsser Analytic

Zinsser Analytic GmbH has developed a multi-position vertical shaker that can mix several samples in parallel.

Traditionally, samples can be mixed in many ways: magnetic stirring, orbital vortexing, horizontal shaking, rocking, overhead stirring etc. But in the main rotational mixing through vortexing is mainly used. However, with a vertical “up and down” motion, substantially higher acceleration can be achieved and hence better sample mixing. A vertical shaker is commonly used in the laboratory for mixing difficult media such as viscous liquids, solid dispersions and for liquid-liquid extractions. Vertical shaking however is important in many applications, particularly in food analysis and oil extraction where it is essential (e.g. QuEChERS method).


The vertical shaker can be adapted to accept customer specific labware vessels. Whether operated as a "stand-alone" unit or integrated into our automated systems, the vertical shaker from Zinsser Analytic is a useful addition to any laboratory.

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