Ropeless tail threading – an investment in safety

Ropeless tail threading Ahlstrom

Tail threading at Press 2 in Ahlstrom Munksjö utilizes Press RunShooter technology.

Ahlstrom Munksjö Jönköping, Sweden, started up a ropeless tail threading system earlier this year. This investment was 100 % safety driven.

“This installation has created a huge step forward in safety awareness. Our operators can today not even imagine working without this system anymore,” says Matz Gustavsson, Project Manager/HS, Ahlstrom Munksjö. “Press 1 is the position that works best and without any problems, one step further would have been a full automated function. Press 2 requires a little more accuracy in handling from the operator. After this position the sheet is transferred into dryer section. Calender 2 is more or less automatic but operator has to learn the correct time for pushing the button,” he continues.

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