Improving Reliability, Performance & Efficiency

Our products are already the best, and thanks to ongoing investments in R&D we're constantly making them better. We are committed to offering innovative products and upgrades that continue to improve the reliability and efficiency of your process. 

This commitment ensures that you are always receiving the latest upgrades to equipment technology and energy savings for optimum performance and efficiency. Our patented product upgrades are only available from Nash and are backed by the NASH Certified™ factory warranty.

Material Upgrades

Stainless Steel Cladding

Stainless Rotors & Cones

A standard feature in our 2BE4 and P2620 pumps is also available for repairs to CL and 904 pumps.

  • Protection against absorbed power consumption
  • Reduced maintenance and repairs
  • Lining is vulcanized to the pump casing for a strong chemical bond
  • Liner is resistant against many acids, alkalis, salt solutions, and erosive particles in the liquid ring
  • If damage does occur the liner is repairable
  • Polyisoprene lining is also available on other pump components including the end shields