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Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump
Large Capacity, CL

Capacity 240 to 16,500 m3/h (140 to 14,800 ACFM) 

The NASH CL liquid ring vacuum pump & compressor series delivers classic Nash performance with a broad range of suction volume, vacuum, and pressure. This single stage liquid ring vacuum pump & compressor series is available in 12 different models, with capacity ranging from 240 to 16,500 m3/h (140 to 14,800 ACFM) and can be found in many applications including paper machine dewatering, autoclaves, carburetor testing, chucking, condenser air removal, container filling, cooking, deaerating, drying, evisceration, exhausting, molding, pickup and conveying, priming, slot extraction, and solvent recovery. 

Key characteristics:

Reliable and efficient
Demanding environments 



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