Considering an Efficiency Upgrade?

The HOFFMAN Revolution offers superior benefits for efficiency and product reliability with low maintenance operation and built-in automation.

On the job nothing compares to the efficiency and power of the Revolution. It's ideally suited for a range of applications in the oil & gas, air separation, renewable energy, foot and wastewater treatment markets.

  • Small Footprint
  • Reduced Installation Costs
  • Quiet - under 80 dBa
  • Efficient & Automated

The HOFFMAN Revolution takes performance and energy savings to new heights of efficiency, reliability and control. With integrated, automated controls the Revolution packages optimal efficiency with reliable performance that meets varied demand.

Proper selection and utilization of the HOFFMAN Revolution can produce annual energy savings of over 20% versus an existing traditional arrangement. The precise performance window and range of the unit will vary depending on the flow/pressure combination, jobsite conditions, and the application itself. Our experienced staff of application engineers size and select Revolution model that will offer optimal energy savings for your specific site conditions.

Hoffman & Lamson is running an incentive on all Revolution models.

This limited time offer combines with energy savings to further accelerate the payback on your plant's investment in our popular high speed centrifugal blower. Contact us to calculate energy savings for your specific site conditions.