High Pressure Air Start Systems

Reavell is a world renowned name in industrial and offshore compressor supply, and we have used our expertise to develop a range of high pressure air compressors offering maximum output, with minimum size and weight.

What’s more, our focus on ensuring maximum maintainability and ease of integration, along with the support you can expect from a global leader, ensures our compressors are a safe and dependable source of air. Delivering proven and effective engine starting, even in the most demanding environments, also makes our compressors ideally suited for use in hazardous areas.

Air Engine Start Reavell High Pressure Compressors

Efficiency Begins With High Pressure Air Systems

At Reavell we aren’t like other high pressure air system manufacturers, we support specialist compressed air and gas requirements across industry, and that means we can offer you more.

Our air systems offer proven, effective engine-starting in even the most demanding environments. Each Reavell high pressure air system is engineered to provide maximum efficiency and ease of integration. Combined with our world-class global support capabilities, Reavell high pressure air systems ensure safe and dependable performance.

Industry Leading Quality

All of Reavell’s high pressure air systems are designed and manufactured in the United Kingdom to exacting standards. Each high pressure air system is ATEX certified, and comes with 3.1 Material Certificates for complete material traceability. Engineered for operation below 0oC ambient, Reavell high pressure air systems have you covered, even in the most extreme applications.

Compact Footprint

With an outstanding power-to-weight ratio, Reavell high pressure air systems are the ideal way to save cost and improve accessibility. Offering 25% greater air output in a smaller footprint than competitors, our compressors will help save valuable space without sacrificing performance.

Maximum Uptime

Reavell high pressure air systems come with market-leading 1,500 hour service intervals. Designed for simple maintenance, each compressor provides a single tool valve replacement. By removing complexity, both downtime and service costs are kept to a minimum.

Specialist Support

At Reavell, we understand that each operation is unique, and that is why our range of high pressure air systems can be customized to meet your specific needs. Supported by our global team of experts, range of service kits, and bespoke training packages, Reavell’s high pressure air systems are the perfect complement to your diesel engine starting system.


Reavell 5209 Direct Drive Air Start Reciprocating Compressors

Reavell 5209 Direct Drive Air Compressor

OEM Supply Specialists

Reavell has been supplying high pressure air systems for over 100 years, and throughout our history we have offered solutions at every level of industry, supplying air ends to OEMs, semi complete packages to integrators, and complete turnkey packages to end users.

This unique position means we understand the market requirements at every level, and know the challenges faced by package designers. Our unique high pressure air system packages offer you the flexibility to develop a solution unique to your brand, but with all of the reliability of a premium air system built in. That’s why all of our compressors can be delivered with extra or modified equipment to ensure they fit into your system as efficiently as possible.

Speak to your local Reavell sales representative today to find out more about our range of world class air system packages.

Factory Refurbishment Centre

Depending on the planned lifetime of your systems, replacing compressor units is not always a suitable option. Our factory refurbishment centre has supported key customers across industry and military applications for decades, so you can be sure that with Reavell – your total system will be supported for it’s life.

Engine Start Applications

Reavell’s high pressure air systems are the intelligent choice for many diesel engine applications. With market-leading weight and space efficiency, our high pressure air system is the perfect solution for a wide range of applications and markets such as:

  • Power generation
  • Marine
  • Offshore
  • Data centres
  • Hospitals
  • Emergency services