Garo Prepares for SAP Go-live

It is an exciting time at Garo! For the past three months, Garo has been focused on implementing SAP. Now the system implementation is closer to become a reality thanks to the work of Garo employees, and Gardner Denver and Ernst & Young consultants. SAP embodies a great change, which is going to sustain the Garo's future development and growth.

Since the acquisition by Gardner Denver in 2014, Garo has started a total mindset renewal, as highlighted by Elvio Pili, Garo General Manager. "This process of change has transformed the company from a family-run business into a modern commercial operation in every sense of the word. We have made enormous progress as a result; in the knowledge that shifting from our then structure and processes to those of a fully-fledged commercial enterprise will enormously benefit not only company here in Monza; the new structure will also allow us to operate in a more coordinated manner than before, with greater transparency and effectiveness in the areas in which we intend to operate in going forward. We expect significant opportunities for the new Garo already in 2019."

Sap kick off event

While change can bring challenges, it also makes our company grow stronger. SAP is a milestone in Garo's journey to better align with Gardner Denver philosophies, tools, and business practices.
This new SAP system will allow Garo to enter a new technological era, demonstrating once again the capability of the company to keep up with the times. However, the traditional values of the company will remain the same; SAP will boost Garo employees with new energy. In fact, the benefits of SAP for Garo will be many:

  • Daily activities will be easier thanks to the reorganization of the tasks within the different functions of the company.
  • Project management, an essential part of Garo daily basis workload, will be more coordinated. The general overview of the project will be more manageable.
  • Each employee will have a well-defined assignment for the project.
  • Garo will be more visible in the Gardner Denver and Nash organizations. 

Celebrating this new start was essential; Elvio Pili introduced to all employees the new system with a special kick-off meeting and explained the steps made so far and the challenges that all will face in the near future. In fact, over the last months only some employees, the so-called "super users," have collaborated to build up the new system and have been learned about its functionalities. They are now ready to share their knowledge with their colleagues to have a smooth Go-live in June.

A special reward is awaiting these "super-users" to thank them for the time dedicated to this colossal project: a team building experience at the Ferrari museum, where together they will be playing the role of a pit-crew for a day. The choice of spending a day at Ferrari did not come by chance - Since the very first day, the famous Italian sports car manufacturer has been considered an excellent example of a smooth transition to SAP. Moreover, there is a strong link between Garo and Ferrari; they both manufacture custom high-level products and, surprisingly, they were both established in 1947.

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GARO SAP Kickoff Celebration