CompAir solutions for Al-Nasr Full Field Development Project, Abu Dhabi

Gardner Denver received orders from Hyundai Heavy Industries (HHI) for supply of the air compression facilities, in turn enabling HHI to fulfill its obligations to Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Co. under the contract for EPC work relating to the Nasr Full Field Development Project (Package 2). The super complex facility, comprising a gas treatment platform, had been installed 131km north west of Abu Dhabi City, making it possible to increase the daily oil production capacity of the offshore field to 65,000 barrels, from the previous 22,000 barrel capacity.

nasr compressor

Benefits at a glance

  • Turnkey project – engineered solution delivering against customer requirements
  • Factory assembly and dismantling and assembly at site
  • Compressor sequencing and dryer DPOS (Dew point operating system) by UCP helped to reduce energy costs
  • Lower capital investment and reduced complexity compared to other desiccant dryer regeneration methods
  • API 619 requirements compliance in addition to IECEx certification


Compressed Air Station description

Our team carried out the plant design as a first step. The scope of supply included the design, fabrication, supply, inspection, transportation, testing and commissioning of the compressed air equipment and plant systems, including all accessories and elements necessary for its operation. 

The solution delivered, consists of 4 oil free rotary screw compressors, 2 sets of heatless desiccant type air dryers, 2 DCS/ESD UCP and UCP (BN3500) machine monitoring systems, filters and accessories. The mechanical packages were allocated outdoor/top side (celler deck) and DCS/ESD and MMS UCPs were allocated indoor (LER).


Plant’s automatic control

The compressed air station is provided with a PLC connected to the instrumentation, which by utilising hardwired signals, manages the whole system without operator intervention.

Benefit from high quality features

The compressors have significantly fewer moving parts than comparable machines, meaning there is less to go wrong, while lower speeds and balanced bearing loads extend the compression element service life for low-cost operation. With exceptionally low running temperatures of less than 60°C, near isothermal compression is achieved. This also eliminates the need for an internal aftercooler and the associated power consumption reduces pressure drop to a minimum.

No oil - no risks

The use of absolutely no oil negates the issues of contaminated air. 

  • High quality air cools and seals the compression process, maximising efficiency
  • Low bearing loads and low speeds mean sealed-for-life bearings can be used, requiring no oil lubrication • Comprehensive control ensures safe and reliable operation and includes remote communication capability
  • Fully packaged and silenced enclosure reduces noise and simplifies installation

 Benefits of air dryer package

  • Robust and reliable industry proven design
  • Suitable for all industries and applications. Some desiccant dryer regeneration methods prevent their use in certain industries/applications
  • Lower capital investment and reduced complexity compared to other desiccant dryer regeneration methods
  • Lower maintenance costs in comparison to other adsorption dryers
  • Dryer regeneration methods – no heat, heaters or heat related issues