Gardner Denver Provides Underfloor-mounted Compressor System

For many years, the Gardner Denver sales & service facility in Senden, Germany has installed underfloor-mounted compressor- and alternator systems to Highway and Utility Vehicles. Depending on the application we can offer many variants of the system however the basic principle is always the same: In contrast to traditional compressor- and alternator-systems with their own drive motor the GD system is driven by the engine of the vehicle. All the components of the installation can be mounted under the floor of the vehicle. This offers many advantages when compared with other systems such as increased payload, a clear deck, more vehicle flexibility and improved security. 

The latest installation completed by GD Senden were a little bit more complex: In normal circumstances, the vehicle is driven on site, parked and then the compressor system is engaged. But the company “Roekens” wanted a System that would allow the compressor and generator to be used when the vehicle is in motion.

Roekens GmbH & Co KG specialises in conserving and the restoration of road surfaces, like beton and asphalt. These road surfaces suffer damage due to extreme weather influences and increasing volume of traffic. Cracks and pot holes in the road surface need to be detected and repaired as soon as possible to prevent the damage being extended and also to restrict the risk of accidents to personnel and equipment. The restoration will be done as follows: The crack will be opened and widened by a special milling machine. Afterwards, the residual and dislodged materials will be blown away by pressurized air created by the on board compressor system. The joint will then be filled by a special glue and covered by gritting material. The process runs continuously; the working crew moves permanently at walking speed carrying out the repairs as the vehicle travels along the road surface. In the past, the company used compressors with own diesel engine, that required a large part of the loading platform of the truck.   

The design, manufacture and installation of the new system was done in cooperation with MAN Rheine, Germany, company R&S Fahrzeugbau and Gardner Denver Senden. GD installed an E12 geared screw compressor, directly driven by PTO and a propshaft with an airflow of approx. 3.500 l/min @ 8 bar.

The vehicle is able to move whilst the compressor is operating due to the installation of a second PTO (Power Take Off) providing drive to a hydraulic pump which in turn provides an oil flow to a hydrostatic drive at the second drive axis. Now the truck can be driven from 0 to 8 km/h at constant, ideal engine speed. 

Mr. Mike Roekens, owner of company Roekens is very pleased with the installation and stated: "This vehicle is a big step forward for us, we now have a completely unobstructed loading platform and can carry more material to the building site. In addition, the maintenance and refueling of the compressor is much easier. Now the system needs to demonstrate its performance out there".