Highest Quality Drybreak Couplings and Adapters

Emco Wheaton provides a selection of API couplings to meet all industry needs. Each is designed to ensure maximum safety, minimal maintenance, and almost zero spillage.

Our couplers are approved worldwide and recommended by the world’s major companies in the oil and gas industry. Emco Wheaton API Couplings are operating reliably and successfully in some of the most d emanding environments.

Please review our range of API Couplings stocked and available.

Emco Wheaton provides the most comprehensive range of API couplers available in the market today. TLike the Surelok Coupling - innovating on the classic design, not requiring any tools to be operated. Or the J0451 - setting up an industry standard for over 30 years.

The J0452 range of API couplers is unbeatable by the competition. Our tried and proven J0452 has been engineered as a direct replacement to the K2/K2P to be the SNAP ON / SNAP OFF coupler of choice. The J0452 is leading the global market as the most advanced API coupling available.

We have also enhanced our family of classic API Couplers to accommodate more industry needs. The Vapour Coupling is designed for high transfer rates and free flow of vapor to and from the tank truck.

Each coupler incorporates a host of patented features. Features that provide trouble-free operation and ensure a clean, spill-free loading rack.

We manufacture our equipment to only the highest industry standards. Emco Wheaton API couplings are made to last, taking the strain of the most demanding loading operations with ease. Keep your returns high and save by minimizing spillages and maintenance costs with Emco Wheaton API couplings.

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